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Journal papers:

  1. S. Ge, Q. Zhang*, A. K. Rashid, Y. Zhang, H. Wang, and R. D. Murch, "A Compact Full-Space Scanning Leaky-Wave Antenna with Stable Peak Gains", IEEE Trans. Antenn. Propag., in press, Mar. 2021.
  2. S. Xu, D.-F. Guan, L. Liu, Q. Zhang, H. Xu, and S.-W. Yong, "A Narrow-band Circularly Polarized Leaky-wave Antenna with Open Stopband Suppressed", Int. J. RF Microw. Comput. Aided Eng., in press, Mar. 2021.
  3. D. Ma, J. Zhong, S. Shen, A. Dubey, C. Zhang, Q. Zhang*, and R. D. Murch, "Single-Shot Frequency-Diverse Near-Field Imaging Using High-Scanning-Rate Leaky-Wave Antenna", IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., in press, Feb. 2021.
  4. H. Zhou, Q. Zhang*, X. Hou, and R. D. Murch, "Two-Dimensional Near-Field Sensing Technique Using Single-Port Coupled-Resonator Probe Arrays", IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., early access, Jan. 2021.
  5. H. Xu, D.-F. Guan, Z.-B. Yang, Q. Zhang, L. Liu, S. Xu, and S.-W. Yong, "An Ultra-wideband Out-of-phase Power Divider Based on Odd-mode Spoof Surface Plasmon Polariton", Int. J. RF Microw. Comput. Aided Eng., vol. 31, no. 4, Jan. 2021.