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Journal papers:

  1. S. Ge, Q. Zhang*, A. K. Rashid, Y. Zhang, H. Wang, and R. D. Murch, "General Design Technique for High-Gain Traveling-Wave Endfire Antennas Using Periodic Arbitrary-Phase Loading Technique", IEEE Trans. Antenn. Propag., in press, Oct. 2020.
  2. H. Jiang, K. Xu, Q. Zhang, Y. Yang, D. K. Karmokar, S. Chen, P. Zhao, G. Wang, and L. Peng,"Backward-to-Forward Wide-Angle Beam-Scanning Leaky-Wave Antenna with Consistent Gain", IEEE Trans. Antenn. Propag., in press, Oct. 2020.
  3. K. Rudaramuni, B. Majumder, P. K. T. Rajanna, K. Kandasamy, and Q. Zhang*, "Dual-Band Asymmetric Leaky Wave Antennas for Circular Polarization and Simultaneous Dual Beam Scanning", IEEE Trans. Antenn. Propag., early access, Aug. 2020.
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  6. Y. Shi, A. K. Rashid, D. Ma, and Q. Zhang*, "Spoof Surface Plasmon Based Single-Shot Super-Resolution Compressive Imaging", IEEE Trans. Plasma Science, vol. 48, no. 8, pp. 2742-2750, Jul. 2020.